Use the machine that has FANUC controls

Why do we use Fanuc CNC Controllers for our EDM Drilling Machines

The controller installed on your machine determines how easy it is to operate. A poorly designed controller will frustrate operators and can cause slowdowns in your production line and create rework.

At Current EDM, we only trust proven technology from major suppliers. Fanuc is undeniably one of those trusted suppliers.

Fanuc CNC Controllers Are Easy to Operate

Fanuc CNC controllers are highly intuitive to operate. Fanuc has worked hard to create a user interface that is straightforward to use, even for operators with little or no machining background. It’s no wonder that more than 5 million Fanuc CNC controllers are installed worldwide. The Fanuc controller’s ease of use is primarily due to its innovative Intelligent Human Machine Interface (iHMI) system. This system can integrate with several different types of machines and features streamlined hardware, a flat-panel touchscreen display, and highly graphical navigation that is easy to operate. The controller can be configured so your most common operations appear together on the same screen, saving time and frustration switching between screens. This system improves efficiency and control without complicating your machining process.

Fanuc Stands by Their Product

Investing in sophisticated equipment for your shop floor is something you only want to do once. We know Fanuc will stand by their products and provide service and support for life.

Forbes consistently ranks Fanuc as a Top 50 most innovative company, which means you can trust its products to be cutting-edge and reliable for years to come.

Current EDM is proud to partner with Fanuc to provide controllers for our EDM drilling machines. Fanuc’s commitment to quality, innovation, and support has earned our trust.

We look forward to discussing how our Fanuc-equipped EDM drilling machines will help revolutionize your operations.

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