EdmDrillTM ST400


Precision EDM Drilling Machine

The EdmDrill™ ST400 is the highest quality manual EDM driller available. It is the ideal choice for those who don’t require CNC capability but demand the superior drilling performance Current EDM is known for. Proudly built in the USA, the ST400 features the Siemens TP700 touch-screen controller, generous table travel and moving bridge design for added stability and weight capacity. The compact design reduces floor space requirements and the fixed worktable offers ergonomic access for operators. The ST400 drills with the widest range of electrode diameters including solid tungsten electrodes as small as 0.003 inch in diameter. The included M-function interface automates drilling with a rotary table, robot or part loader. A unique feature of the ST400 is that it can be upgraded from manual to CNC on your shop floor when the need arises.


X-Axis Travel
16.0 in. (406mm)
Y-Axis Travel
12.0 in. (304mm)
Z-Axis Travel
16.0 in. (406mm)
W-Axis Travel
10.5 in. (266mm)
Electrode Diameter Range
0.004 in. – 0.256 in. (0.1mm – 6.5mm)
Table Weight Capacity
1000 lbs. (454 kg) maximum
Worktable Material
Machine Weight
1500lbs (681kg)
Machine Footprint
51 in. W x 45 in. L (1295mm W x 1143mm L)
Worktable Size
11.8”X11.8” (300mm x 300 mm)
Guide Shoe to Granite Table (min.)
2.0 in. (51mm) minimum
Guide Shoe to Granite Table (max)
12.5 in. (318mm) maximum
Hold Down Inserts
(9) M8 threaded Stainless Steel inserts
Siemens 840Dsl
Displayed Axes
X, Y, Z
Displayed Coordinates
Display Type
High-resolution LCD
Minimum Command Unit
0.00020 in.
Drilling Modes
Manual and Automatic
Manual Table Feed
Spindle Rotation
Spindle Rotation Speed
Manually Adjustable
Servo Feed Rate
Manually Adjustable
M-Function Interface
Feedback X & Y Axes
Closed Loop / Linear Scales
Feedback Z Axis
Encoder / Direct to Shaft
Variable Frequency DC
High Current FET
Output Amperage
30/57 (mean/peak)
Amperage Range (Ip)
1 to 57 Amps (3 Amp increments)
On-Time Setting (TON)
1-100mSec (1mSec increments)
Off-Time Setting (TOFF)
1-100mSec (1mSec increments)
Voltmeter and Ammeter
Capacitance Range
0 to 1.15mFarad (0.05 increments)