EdmDrillTM SD6040KS


Medium Size Manual EDM Drilling Machine

It used to be that “Affordable” really meant “Low Quality or Low Performance.” You accepted rough holes, inconsistency, backlash and nagging service issues. They were all included in the “cheap machine” package.

Times have changed. If you’re searching for an “affordable” EDM driller that doesn’t act like one, look to the new SD6040KS from Current EDM. With features, capabilities and technical support not found anywhere at its price point, the SD6040KS offers the highest level of value and performance. You don’t have to settle for less.

The SD6040KS is a precision EDM drilling machine designed for tool rooms and production. It accurately drills holes in nearly any electrically conductive material, at high rates, on angles and through threads. The SD6040KS is ideal for drilling start-holes, lock-wire holes, venting holes in molds, and production holes in materials where conventional drilling is difficult.

The SD6040KS is ruggedly built and packed with technologies to make your operator’s life easier. The interactive controller greatly simplifies drilling by taking the guess-work out of power setting selection. Simply enter the material, thickness and electrode diameter — the controller chooses the appropriate power setting for you. The controller can graphically display 2D DXF files to help visualize the part program. It is nearly impossible to misposition holes because the controller indicates when you are in position.


X-Axis Travel
23.6 in. (600mm)
Y-Axis Travel
15.7 in. (400mm)
Z-Axis Travel
14.0 in. (360mm)
W-Axis Travel
14.0 in. (360mm)
X and Y Axis Handwheels
4mm / Revolution
Electrode Diameter Range
0.012 – 0.118 in. (0.3 – 3.0mm)
Table Weight Capacity
551 lbs. (250 kg)
Worktable Material
Stainless Steel
Machine Weight
2,100 lbs. (950 kg)
Machine Footprint
52W x 72L in. (1320Wx1828Lmm)
Worktable Size
24.5 in. x 14.5 in. (622 x 386mm)
Color LCD Controllers
Touch-Screen Controller
Interactive Power Setting Controls
DXF Input