EdmDrillTM RT6050


High Capacity EDM Drilling Machine

The EdmDrill™ RT6050 is designed for drilling extremely large and heavy parts common in the automotive, aerospace, power generation and tool & die industries. The RT6050’s worktable is open and easily accessible to facilitate setup and part loading/unloading with an overhead crane or from the front with a loader.

The RT6050 is available in three and five axis configuration. A tilting drilling head (Theta) is available for special angled hole drilling. The versatile remote control hand pendant includes a special “Teach Mode” developed for turbine engine repair work where holes are aligned by sight. Manually position all axes from the remote controller and then start drilling with a simple push of a button.

The powerful Siemens 840Dsl controller comes with comprehensive drilling tools and technologies to greatly simplify setup and programming. Consider the RT6050 if you are looking for one machine that can truly “do it all”.


X-Axis Travel
60.0 in. (1524m)
Y-Axis Travel
50.0 in. (1270mm)
Z-Axis Travel
16.0 in. (406mm)
W-Axis Travel
30.0 in. (762mm)
Theta Axis Travel
Motion Control
Linear Ways and Ball Screws
Electrode Diameter Range Without/AEC
0.004 in. – 0.256 in. (0.1mm – 6.5mm)
Electrode Diameter Range With/AEC
0.012 in. – 0.118 in. (0.3mm – 3.0mm)
Worktable Material
Stainless Steel
Worktable Size
60 in. x 50 in. (1524mm x 1270mm)
Work Envelope
36 in. D x 25 in. H (914mm D x 635mm H)
Maximum Part Height
36 in. with 2 in. long guide
(914mm with 50mm long guide)
Rotary Table
Nikken CNC321
Table Weight Capacity
2000 lbs. (909kg) maximum
Machine Weight
12000 lbs. (5455kg)
Machine Footprint
114 in. W x 110 in. L (2895mm W x 2794mm L)
Siemens AC Servo Motors
Displayed Axes
X, Y, Z, W, A, B
Controlled Axes
X, Y, Z, W, A, B
Axis Encoders
Number of Drill Chucks
Electrode Diameter Range
0.012 in. – 0.118 in. (0.3 mm – 3.0 mm)
12 each 0.020 in. (0.5 mm)
12 each 0.040 in. (1.0 mm)
Maximum Electrode Length
16 in. (400mm)
Compressed Air Required
70 – 90 PSI / Dry / 2.5 CFM
Emergency Drill Chuck
0.010 in. – 0.118 in (0.25 mm – 3.0 mm) range